Dujuan Thomas Bio

   Dujuan Thomas is a 24 year old Businessman, Celebrity Interviewer, Model, Artist, Cinematographer, Talk Show Host and Politician born and raised in Paducah Kentucky. He graduated from Paducah Tilghman Highschool in 2016, and went on to receive his bachelor's degree from the University of Louisville. At the age of 17 he enlisted in the Army National Guard and received his honorable discharge in 2020. Dujuan is also certified in Law & Justice as well as Contract Law from Harvard University's Online Program.

  His passion for film and acting started at a young age, filming daily vlogs since 2012. As he entered into adulthood he began connecting with several prominent people in the film and music industry such as Bobby Brown, Stevie Mackey, Jennifer Lopez & many more. With his first encounter being Bill Murray in 2015. He has since went on to interview the likes of Lavar Ball, Dorinda Clark Cole , Jason David Frank, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Kel Mitchell, the cast of NBC's The Office and several other notable people.

  In late 2018 he began his modeling career. He was flown to Los Angeles to walk the runway for LA fashion week. Since then he has went on to start his own business, Louisville Exclusive LLC (now Dujuan Thomas Productions), where he specializes in film, photography, graphic design, and marketing. In July 2019 he was appointed Marketing Director and co host of the 'Mi Gente' fashion show in his hometown of Paducah. Dujuan has since went on to work for America's Got Talent and A&E Network where he worked close with producers and film crews.

  In May 2020 Dujuan announced his run for Mayor in his hometown of Paducah Kentucky. He amassed major support amongst the community during his campaign as "Youngest Mayoral Candidate in Kenutcky History". During his campaign he has hosted major events revolving around the BLM movement and Unity. During his campaign he was ordained an Honorable Kentucky Colonel by Gov. Andy Beshear for his outstanding service to his community and country.

  In 2021 Dujuan announced his talk show Dujuan Thomas Live. His show is focused on inspiring and motivating viewers & he wants it to be a platform for local talent. In 2022 his show was picked up for television and airs regularly on Paducah2 Channel.


  Dujuan credits his upbringing and his faith in God for all his success at such a young age. He says his goal is to become successful so he can give back to his family, community, and church. As well as inspire those that want to do big things in life. 


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