On November 4th 2021, Dujuan filed his paperwork to become the first candidate for the Paducah City Commission race.

" Election day is drawing near and I humbly ask for your vote this November. I'm honestly tired of politicians getting in office and not representing our community. I'm ready to serve you, and be a voice for change in Paducah.

It's sad that roads don't get fixed, and progress doesn't get made until it's election time. That will change when I'm in office. Our city will be WORKING from DAY 1 to ensure the job is getting done and your voices are heard.

And you better believe we will have a transparent government. No longer will special interest pollute our decision making.. and no longer will city officials be allowed to sit by idle, we have a duty to SERVE the community, and that starts with actually being PRESENT in the community. " - Dujuan Thomas

Read his Full Story Here of why he is running.


  • Solve our flooding/sewer issue (Hydro Electricity Reservoirs)
  •  Develop Renewable Energy Infrastructures in Paducah
  • Organize a new initiative for the Southside development
  •  Fix our roads & sidewalks in "overlooked" communities
  •  Bring NEW exciting events to our city (economic growth)
  •  Create opportunities & activities for our youth
  • Provide educational opportunities for the community (Financial Literacy, Home Ownership, Stocks, ect.)
  • Help provide for our veterans and homeless citizens

Why I'm Qualified

  • Experienced Business Owner
  • College Graduate from U of L
  • Certified in Law & Justice from HarvardX
  • 6 years of Management Experience
  • Managed Millions in Business Sales
  • Served 5 years Honorably in the Army NG
  • Member of Paducah Diversity Advocacy Board
  • Political Acumen
  • Philanthropist with Charitable Partnerships
  • Honorable Kentucky Colonel
  • Paducah Native

Read his Full Story Here of why he is running


You can DONATE to his campaign by clicking this link -> https://www.donorbox.org/dujuan

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